Our Services

Our Services Include:

  • Non-surgical Treatment (Deep Cleaning)
  • Periodontal Surgical Procedures
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Sedation for the Anxious Patient
  • Soft Tissue Grafting for Recession
  • Crown Lengthening for Broken Teeth
  • Extraction Socket Grafting for Jaw Bone Preservation
  • Oral Medicine
  • Biopsy Services for Oral Cancer Diagnosis

Specialist in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry

​Serving Southeastern Virginia Since 1987



Non-surgical Treatment (Deep Cleaning)

Scaling is a non-surgical procedure used to remove calcified root deposits. These deposits attract bacteria and can begin of the process of bone loss and periodontal disease. Scaling and root planing may be the only treatment needed for early forms of gum disease or the first step when treating more advanced periodontal diseases. Most patients have little or no difficulty with this procedure and are back at work the same day.

Periodontal Surgical Procedures

If not treated, periodontal disease may advance and destroy the bone supporting some or all teeth. This damage is usually without major symptoms until it is too late. Now, however, it is possible to regenerate lost bone to prevent such damage. An office surgery is performed using a local anesthetic which is designed to both clean out the infection present and to graft bone to repair areas involving serious loss. The patient is comfortable during this procedure and is usually well enough to return to work the next day. The long-term success of this procedure is excellent.

Implant Dentistry

Since 1989 we have used dental implants to replace missing upper and lower teeth. These small man-made titanium tooth-root replacements can be anchored in the jawbone to support a crown. The implant serves as the foundation for the artificial tooth. The success rate for the procedure is an outstanding 98% long term. This form of dentistry is performed in the office with a local anesthetic. Most patients can return to work the next day and sometimes they can receive their new teeth in a matter of hours.


For those patients who are anxious about receiving dental treatment or who require more extensive treatment in one long session, Dr. Landy offers complete sedation. With privileges at area hospitals, we can provide safe treatment with an attending medical anesthesiologist. In these situations, the patient arrives in the morning and returns home in the early afternoon. Patients return to work the next day.

Soft Tissue Grafting for recession

Gum tissue normally surrounds and protects the teeth. Loss of this gum (recession) can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. Receding gums may also look unsightly. This can be easily treated to both protect the teeth and improve your smile’s appearance.

Crown Lengthening for Broken Teeth

Broken or decayed teeth can often be saved with a simple procedure to remove excess gum tissue to expose more tooth structure. This procedure makes it easier for your dentist to place a crown on a tooth that would otherwise need to be removed.

Extraction Socket Grafting for Jaw Bone Preservation

If a tooth cannot be saved and must be removed a sunken appearance results after extraction. This can be prevented with bone grafting at the time of extraction. This simple but effective procedure involves gently removing the tooth and filling the socket with bone to ensure that no jaw bone collapse will occur. This greatly improves cosmetics and provides better anchorage for dental implants.

Oral Medicine

Referrals to our office are often necessary to evaluate and treat lesions and growths on the oral soft tissues. Many regard the mouth as a window to the body that may sometimes reveal changes in your health. We have special training to evaluate these changes when they do occur.

Biopsy Services for Oral Cancer Detection

When suspicious lesions occur in the mouth it may become necessary to remove a tissue sample for microscopic evaluation. We have many years of experience in determining if this is required and performing these procedures to ensure early detection and prompt treatment if needed.

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